Gravatar Enabled

The Rhetoric is Gravatar enabled, which means your gravatar will show up next to your comments. Pretty cool, eh?

If you don’t have a gravatar go to and sign up for free. You’ll upload your avatar for each email address with which you blog, set a rating for each and voila!, you’re done. Gravatar enabled sites will search for your nifty little image and place it neatly next to your very interesting comment. Using Gravatars

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  1. About time, too. Now I just need you to enable e-mailing of follow-up comments. All blogs should have that option! Very useful if you comment on a blog you don’t usually visit and want to track the comment thread (without subscribing in your feed reader to the feed for every blog post you’ve ever commented on!)

  2. Steven Pam :

    Nice work.

    Thank you, Steven. I installed the Subscribe to Comments plugin and tweaked the comments.php file just a bit. While searching for the solution to your request I found a great post at Lorelle On WordPress. Now you can add this same functionality to your blog. :)

  3. Very cool, I might just do that!

  4. I signed up. Hope it works!

  5. @Jason – It did work!! Congrats. It should also work at your blog.

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