It’s a Miracle!

Percentage of U.S. doctors who think God has the power to cure a fatally injured patient : 20
~Harper’s Index, November, 2008

My initial reaction after reading this was of disgust. It’s appalling that so many doctors are credulous. It is also dangerous. I trust that my doctor is a woman of science, not one of faith.

After a bit more consideration my disgust turned to a sense of relief that this number is so low. Is it possible that four-out-of-five doctors are atheists or think their god is limited in his/her/its powers? That’s terrific and comforting.

A fatal injury is one in which the patient dies within thirty days of an accident. It’s not entirely relevant to this post, I just thought you’d like to know.

Trauma Death: Views of the Public and Trauma Professionals on Death and Dying From Injuries
Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD

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