Some Things In Life Are Free

Spring Point Ledge Light from SMCC

This morning I drove Kirsten to school. I brought a book to read in the car while I waited for her class to conclude. I parked next to the water and watched the stormy sea lap relentlessly against the Spring Point Ledge Light breakwater. It was perfect.

While I sat there in the car I could not get out of my mind thoughts about a discussion I’ve been having with a friend regarding the Anthropic Principle and multiverses. It was driving me crazy and I could not concentrate. So, I headed to the campus bookstore to purchase some paper and a pencil with which to draft an email response. On my way out of the student center I found a newspaper rack with assorted national and local papers. What I couldn’t find was any way to pay for them. I asked a nice woman at the nearby Financial Services window to whom am I supposed to pay for the newspapers. She said they are all free.

What? Free newspapers? They are provided, she told me, by the school’s Student Senate in the Newspaper Readership Program. I picked up a copy of the The Boston Globe, The New York Times, USA Today and, of course, The Beacon. How cool is that?

When the bottom finally drops out–we’re counting the days–I’ll still be able to read the newspapers or use them as blankets.

Some things in life really are free. I’m just glad some of those are the things I love most, like news and information. Kirsten has promised to pick me up the papers whenever she has a need to be on campus. Thanks, Babe!

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  1. Hey, you’re welcome. There’s nothin’ like a free newspaper. :-) Nice photograph, btw.

  2. Jason Gendron says: Reply

    Now THAT is awesome! I can’t stand not having a newspaper to read with my cup of coffee during breakfast. My brother goes to school there too. Maybe I can get him to pick some up for me. Or better yet, get my ass in gear and go to school myself. ;-)

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