See the Stahs in Bah Hahbah

Photograph ccdoh1

Residents of Maine town want to keep stars in their eyes
David Filipov, The Boston Globe, November 28, 2008

Good for you, Bar Harbor, Maine. I’d like to see the Milky Way some day. So turn those lights down and only point them where the light needs to be. Some of us enjoy gazing at the galaxies.

On the densely populated East Coast, Mount Desert Island is one of the last inhabited places where the naked eye can still clearly observe the heavenly wonders that have inspired religion, mythology, science, and culture.

Preserving the sight the ancients took for granted goes beyond saving a pretty view. The promise of a rare, unimpeded stargazing experience has the potential to draw more visitors to Maine, which depends heavily on tourism.

He cites a recent National Geographic article that recommends Bar Harbor as one of the four best places in the country to see the stars.

A most egregious example of light pollution is the lighting of Mormon temples. Perhaps its their way of keeping their members from peering into the night sky and wondering about the cosmos.

Bountiful Utah LDS Temple at night
Photograph Jim Richardson
Bountiful Utah Temple

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  1. Funny you should mention the lighting of Mormon temples. I remember being struck by this after the Johannesburg temple was built. It has several white spires, the tallest crowned by an angel, that are floodlit and can be seen from miles around.

  2. Maine ‘dark skies’ bill advances, February 27, 2009

    A bill aimed at keeping Maine’s night skies dark has won unanimous committee support, enhancing its chances of passage by the House and Senate.


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