Kirsten wants to write more personal and edgy blog posts than are really suited to our family blog,, so she asked me to help her set up her own. I had set up a blog for her a year ago but she never even made the initial post. Regardless, I was thrilled at her suggestion. I love to read her writings and I think it’s a healthy exercise.

I dropped the tables from her database and wiped the old WordPress files from the web server then installed the latest version of WordPress. It took less than five minutes. Then I had her select a theme we could customize to her liking. She chose metamorph_DNA for its simplicity, feature set, and strength of styles. I told her it would be no problem to pinkify the colors and shrink the header.

We shrunk the header all right. We also shrunk the menu and title bars, widened the content area, recreated all the images in pink, customized the widgets, added plugins for subscribing to email and displaying random quotes, and rewrote most of the style sheet.

It was fun to sit next to my buddy all day. It didn’t take her long to pick up on how to modify the stylesheet or calculate spacing. I was very impressed. It looks good, too. Happy blogging, Kirsten.

Head on over to Cogitations and let her know what you think. Be sure to add the feed to your favorite aggregator.

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  1. Cool. Looking forward to it. Except soon you’re all gonna have you’re own freakin’ blogs, and how the hell am I supposed to keep up with it all. Reading it is bad enough, how on earth do y’all find the time to write it?!

  2. @Steven Pam: I know what you mean. Ha ha! Well I don’t know if I’ll ever have quite as much to say as Brent does. 😉

    Brent, I enjoyed setting up my blog with you. Thanks for spending your entire day (and night) helping me with it. I think it looks great.

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