Lighthouse Hill

Several years ago, while we were still living in Kansas, Kirsten decided to decorate with a nautical motif. Part of her collection included a print of Edward Hopper‘s Lighthouse Hill which he painted in 1927. It hung in our living room in Kansas as it does now in Maine.

Edward Hopper’s Lighthouse Hill

I didn’t know which lighthouse was featured in the painting until I photographed the East Tower at Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse in February. Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse (Two Lights) is 13.5 miles from our house here in Saco.

East Tower at Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

It is a real pleasure to live in such a picturesque area. I love being a Mainer.

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  1. Hey, who would have thought when I bought that picture that we’d actually live by there! Very cool.

  2. Jason Gendron says: Reply

    Cool, I didn’t know about that. Too bad the keeper’s house is gone now though.

  3. These are really nice images. the first one looks more like a painting that a photo, really nice.

    What kit are you using? lens and camera?

    I am shooting with Canon 5D and 70-200MM IS USM L lens and really cant get results as good as yours.

    So it just shows, its the photographer not the kit or camera.

  4. @Jeff – The first one is a painting. It’s by Edward Hopper and it’s on exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art.

    I shoot primarily with my Nikon D70s. I have several lenses, none of which are “pro”.

    I’d agree that the photographer is key. It takes an eye for the creative and unusual as well as the technical knowledge to produce the desired image. Equipment, however, isn’t unimportant. A fast shutter with high ISO and excellent lens quality allows the photographer to capture images that wouldn’t be possible with inferior gear.

    Cheers, and thanks for the visit and comment!

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