Notepad++ is a brilliant little text editor. It’s lightweight (2.89M), tabbed, open source, free, extensible and has FTP functionality built in. It also sports syntax highlighting, drag and drop capability and a powerful regular expression search and replace function.

I’ve used Notepad++ for a long time but only recently discovered the FTP capability. Now, instead of using PuTTY to edit directly on the server or uploading with Filezilla (another program I can’t live without), I can edit, save, and upload without leaving my local editor.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the download page and never use Windows’ notepad again!

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  1. (wow, the e-mail subscription options form is pretty fancy!)

  2. […] been developing in Notepad++ lately and love it! The syntax highlighting and FTP functionality make it a wonderful environment. […]

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