Replace Windows’ Notepad with Notepad++

Replace Microsoft Notepad With Latest Notepad++ v5.0 in Windows

With this fix my favorite little text editor, Notepad++, is now my default Windows text editor.

I love this quote on the The Ultimate Web Developer’s Christmas Wish List post on the Smashing Magazine blog.

Please notice: if a web-developer uses Notepad++, a robust freeware editor for Windows users, he or she will be very unlikely to switch to one of the above mentioned applications.


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  1. Buried in King says: Reply

    Well! Imagine! The thought that someone could improve upon a Microsoft product! : )
    I have heard good things about Notepad ++ and improvement in any software can make life easier or more productive for people. My personal leaning is toward Ubuntu. I might try to run this on Wine just to see how it works.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wichita!

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