I discovered a plethora of treasures while reading an excellent post at Smashing Magazine this evening. One of them is powerful backup utility from 2BrightSparks called SyncBack.

Downloading and installing the freeware version was a snap. I created a profile using the advanced tabs and set up the scheduler to backup my 2008 pictures folder every morning at four o’clock. The coolest part is that it does the backup to my web server through an FTP connection.

Earlier this year I had a hard disk drive fail. I hadn’t backed up my pictures because burning DVDs was too big a pain and I hadn’t bothered to find an alternative method. The only pictures from that year I didn’t lose were the JPGs I had uploaded to Flickr. Now, with SyncBack, if my computer blows up or my house burns to the ground, all my pictures will be safely stored off-site on my web server. I can also set up profiles to back up files across the network or to removable storage. And I don’t have to do anything; it’s totally automated. If anything goes wrong the software automatically sends me an email.

My first SyncBack profile
My first SyncBack profile

If you have critical data and aren’t currently running synchronization/backup software you should definitely give this program a try. It could save you time, agony and money. Did I mention that it’s free?

Visit Gina Trapani‘s wonderful post at lifehacker for a thorough tutorial on setting up your backup routine using SyncBack.

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  1. Sweet! I need this, along with a bigger server account!

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