Puritanism is Perverted

I’ve lived and traveled in societies ranging from the most sexually liberated to the least. Uniformly across the world, women are safer in the former. In the most sexually liberated countries (Australia, Holland) young women are treated to the least harassment and sexual aggression; in semi-sexually liberated places (Mexico, Southern Italy) they get a moderate amount and in the least sexually liberated countries (Pakistan, Yemen) they receive the most. Ask any woman who has traveled the world: It is in the most deeply conservative and religious societies that she can expect to have to regularly fend off propositioning, groping and rape.

I chalk this up to the degree to which young men are sexually repressed. In societies where young adults can explore and express their sexuality, it turns out that young men are far more pleasant creatures. They are more likely to treat young women as full-fledged human beings rather than objects of obsessive sexual interest. I would choose to live, and raise a daughter in, a sexually liberated society over a sexually repressed one any day.

~Elisabeth Eaves, In Defense of Promiscuity, Forbes.com, September 26, 2008

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake
Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

I agree. Sexual repression is the primary cause of sexual perversions and misconduct. Here in the United States the Federal Communications Commission fined CBS $550,000 after Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show for nine-sixteenths of a second. Over a half a million people filed complaints! Refreshingly, a higher court overturned the ruling.

When I was in France I had the opportunity to spend time at a gorgeous beach along the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the women were bare breasted. People paid little attention. It simply wasn’t a big deal. There was no gawking or whistling or groping. It was wonderfully and beautifully normal. The way it should be.

According to a 1991 comparison of the United States and Northern Europe, Japan and Canada, sixty-five percent of American teenagers are sexually active compared to just thirty-four percent of French teenagers. According to a 1998 study there are 34 rapes per 100,000 people in the United States compared to just 13 in France.

Where natural human sexuality is repressed sexual perversions and misconduct is high. The numbers speak for themselves.

In 1970 the Report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography concluded that laws restricting access to pornography by adults be repealed. Richard Nixon’s statement in response to the Commission’s Report is as humorous as it is sad.

Pornography can corrupt a society and a civilization. The people’s elected representatives have the right and obligation to prevent that corruption.

The warped and brutal portrayal of sex in books, plays, magazines, and movies, if not halted and reversed, could poison the wellsprings of American and Western culture and civilization.

The pollution of our culture, the pollution of our civilization with smut and filth is as serious a situation for the American people as the pollution of our once-pure air and water.

Oh ye of little minds. Should we be surprised that popular pastors engage in homosexual activities or that priests molest young boys? Isn’t it, like, inevitable? Perhaps we should seek the adoption of more normal and natural sexual attitudes. Sex is as natural as life itself. And it should be celebrated.

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  1. I fully agree. Especially after traveling to many countries, the most conservative countries were where we felt the least safe.

  2. Buried in King says: Reply

    “In societies where young adults can explore and express their sexuality, it turns out that young men are far more pleasant creatures.” Conversely, does this explain why so many old men are grumpy?

    Personally, I believe that pornography needs to be controlled. Still, I don’t take the hard line of Richard Nixon, on pornography or drugs. As the matter of fact, I don’t think you will find many ideas at all where I agree with Richard Nixon. I think that when he died they had to dig a crooked grave and screw him into the ground. It might have been the best screw he ever got. It was for sure one of the best screws America ever got, even if it was 20 years too late!

    There is a difference between natural human sexuality and pornography (or perversion). One enhances a person’s life style and well being, the other causes harm to one’s self or another person. Along that same line of thought total repression of sexual exploration and desires is a perversion and does lead to harm, as in some of the above examples.

  3. Buried in King says: Reply

    Along this same line of thought, an article in the Wichita Eagle, 12/29/08 cited a study on “abstinence only” sex education. It found there is virtually no difference in promiscuity among teenagers that took a vow of virginity until marriage and those who didn’t, except that those who took the vow are 10% less likely to use birth control.


  4. @Buried – Thanks for the comments. Nice to see you here again.

    Regarding the virginity pledge teens…they are also more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, like anal sex, oral sex and sex without a condom because they think, wrongly, that condoms are ineffective and that if it isn’t penis-to-vagina sex it isn’t sex. I fail to understand any argument against a proper and thorough education on any subject! Thanks for the link.

    Your comments about Nixon, especially his grave, got a laugh. 🙂

    the other causes harm to one’s self or another person

    Let’s just agree to disagree. I don’t see how anybody is harmed.

    When I used the term “perversion” I was intentionally being ironic. Most people think of people who explore sexuality and who are open about matters sexual as the perverts. The truth is exactly the opposite. It is our lexicon, and collective psyche, that is wrong. Sexuality is natural. Therefore, it is sexual repression that is the true perversion.

    Again, I appreciate your thoughtful responses. How’s Wichita? If you get some time check out Danley.org.


  5. You have compelling points Brent. It is the puritans who “pervert” sex. To withhold sex education is irresponsible; to vilify and repress natural human sexuality is destructive, priggish, and ignorant.

  6. Buried in King says: Reply

    Maybe I should have defined “perversion” a little more closely.

    To me, it involves an act instead of a thought, idea, or communication. Rape, trafficking in people, prostitution (essentially those cases where women do it because they have no other means to obtain the money or drugs, as opposed to those cases where they simply choose the lifestyle and enjoy the perks it brings) is definitely harmful. In a recent case in Kansas City 2 people were sentenced for murder involving luring people into a threesome and strangling the newcomer during sex.

    What most people define as pornography can harm people in a sense but it usually falls more in the category of embarrassment than real harm. Like when someone finds a coworkers picture in XXX magazine 10 years after the fact and distributes it around the office or something of that nature. I mean, I wouldn’t even call it pornography but I bet in hindsight Bill Clinton would choose a different place to pull out a cigar.

  7. @Buried – The only reason sexual acts or sexuality might cause embarrassment is because we live in a society in which healthy sexuality has been perverted into something shameful and embarrassing.

    In a recent case in Kansas City 2 people were sentenced for murder involving luring people into a threesome and strangling the newcomer during sex.

    This is anecdotal and extreme (and, therefore, mostly irrelevant). It has nothing to do with sex or sexuality. Nobody would suggest it is healthy. Nobody would disagree that it is harmful.

    What Bill Clinton and Monica (a.k.a. “Ms”) Lewinsky did was normal and probably quite satisfying and fun. NOBODY was harmed in any way. There are no victims.

    This is similar to our country’s drug “problems”. The problems with drugs in this country have nearly everything to do with their prohibition. If attitudes toward sex and sexuality were “normal” and “healthy” and people were allowed their sexual liberties without retribution or embarrassment then families wouldn’t get broken apart and women would be harmed less.

    You have to recognize the differences between legal and illegal prostitution just like you must recognize the differences between legal and illegal drug use. It is not the sex that is the problem with prostitution, it is that is it conducted beyond the regulatory control of society. It victimizes women because it is illegal. Illegal prostitutes have little recourse for abuse and few protections. Again, it’s not the sex, it is our puritanical society that is the problem.

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