Thanks, Hugh

Hugh HefnerTime magazine solicited questions from its readers to the publisher of Playboy Magazine, Hugh M. Hefner. Hugh is a personal hero of mine. He has done more for this country, and for women, than most people realize.

10 Questions for Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner, Time Magazine, January 15, 2009

I think sex in America has changed dramatically, and young people don’t have any real notion as to how much. When I first published Playboy, nice young people did not live together before they got married. Having a baby out of wedlock was a scandal that drove some people to suicide. Oral sex was illegal. Playboy played a major part in changing all that.

My industry is magazine publishing. Pornography? That isn’t my industry. If you call sexual images pornography, then they are negative. If you call those same images erotic, they are positive. I’m not an active feminist. I’m an active humanist. I separated ways from feminism when it became antisexual. I believe embracing sexuality is part of what it means to be free.

I agree, Mr. Hefner. And thank you for everything.

Here’s a rather boring CNN interview of Hugh by John Roberts:

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  1. Although I think he has kind of become a caricature of himself in old age, I also have great admiration for HH. I often say that the two best magazines in American history are National Geographic and Playboy ( I only look for the articles!!! lol).

    You are right, Brent; Hef has done so much good for American society.

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