Faith Healing

Trials for Parents Who Chose Faith Over Medicine
Dirk Johnson, NY Times, January 20, 2009

When a father molests and rapes his daughter we rightfully condemn him as a monster and seek the harshest penalty under the law. Yet, when a parent watches and prays while their child needlessly suffers an agonizing death some excuse the neglect as the parents’ “constitutional right to religious freedom.” The pious parent, in this case, is far worse than the pedophile predator.

The god of theism has been proved powerless time and time again. There is no evidence of an answered prayer or performed miracle. I’ll support faith-healers when they show prayer to be at least as effective as medicine.

Religion is a retarding force that leads to real suffering. It is past time for the delusion to end. It is time we as a species moved on!

I pray the Neumanns are convicted and receive the harshest punishment available. I hope state criminal codes protecting credulous fools are repealed.

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  1. do they have any mental health act laws in the states, that authorities can call upon to override any other laws. to protect anybody not just children, similar to what we have in the U.K

    1. I don’t know. Good question.

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