The Perfect Job

Doug Mills / The New York Times
Doug Mills / The New York Times

Doug Mills / The New York Times
Doug Mills / The New York Times
Do these guys have a sweet gig, or what?!

I’d love to have all that gear and be part of the White House Press Corps. Every moment must be captured for a frenzied twenty-four hour cut-throat news cycle.

This is the pen and executive order Obama would sign on his first full day as President.

I’d be the guy with the jacket and jeans. Doesn’t the guy on the left look like a younger Bill Gates?

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  1. Jason Gendron says: Reply


  2. I’d be the guy in shorts and a T-shirt:

    Steven Pam

  3. Maybe a good job, maybe except you would have to be close to the east coast’s only known black hole – Washington DC. Things get sucked in there and never come out, like my taxes (unless there is some desperate billionaire on Wall Street who needs a pick-me-up because he screwed the country). Not going there. He does look like Bill Gates. We were not able to be home for an inauguration party so we had BYE-BYE-Bush party. Well attended by Kansas standards. A good time was had by all. I like what Maher said about “Joe the Plumber”. Did you hear it on youtube?

    Also thought you would like this one:

    and this one too:

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