Michael Phelps Smokes Weed!

Michael Phelps smoking marijuana
Michael Phelps smoking marijuana

Olympian Michael Phelps smokes pot, oh my! So what? It’s stupid that he did it where there was likely to be cameras. What’s more stupid is that this photo and his admission may jeopardize lucrative endorsement contracts.

It’s too bad we expect athletes to also be role models for, you know, the kiddos. Parents should talk to their children about the REAL world. We don’t live in Disneyland, so why raise our children as if we do?

Michael Phelps is an awesome swimmer. Perhaps the best of all time. That doesn’t mean I want him raising my children. That’s my job. Let Michael Phelps enjoy his fame and his adulthood!

Good for you, Michael. Take another hit for me.

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  1. Jason Gendron says: Reply

    Interesting perspective on this issue, Brent. I have to say I actually agree with your views, but I don’t think we’re going to see any changes in the way people look at this “behavior”.

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