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  1. Interesting. Aren’t, like, 80% of American men circumsised – and therefore most for non-religious reasons? What the hell is with that?!

  2. …BTW – interesting video, but a shame about the title the YouTube poster has given it. There’s nothing clever about making someone “look pathetic”.

  3. @Steven – The rabbi did look pathetic. He was making a joke about genital mutilation. I’m glad Christopher called him on it. And I hope viewers of the video who may not have considered circumcision mutilation will give it a thought and realize how absolutely pathetic is religion and its immoral requirements.

    I think it is probably the norm for men to be circumcised over here. I am. Apparently god didn’t design penises very well. Whatever the excuse is now, its origins are obviously religious. The same could be said of our ridiculous Christmas traditions that everybody hates and nobody will give up. We just do what everyone else does and what our parents did. Tradition trumps rational and moral considerations.

  4. Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, pg. 32

    This makes me nauseatingly angry in a way I cannot adequately describe. Religion is anything but benign.

    I was next. Grandma swung her hand from side to side and said, "Once this long kintir is removed you and your sister will be pure." From Grandma's words and gestures I gathered that this hideous kintir, my clitoris, would one day grow so long that it would swing sideways between my legs. She caught hold of me and gripped my upper body in the same position as she had put Mahad. Two other women held my legs apart. The man, who was probably an itinerant traditional circumciser from the blacksmith clan, picked up a pair of scissors. With the other hand, he caught hold of the place between my legs and started tweaking it, like Grandma milking a goat. "There it is, there is the kintir," one of the women said.

    Then the scissors went down between my legs and the man cut off my inner labia and clitoris. I heard it, like a butcher snipping the fat off a piece of meat. A piercing pain shot up between my legs, indescribable, and I howled. Then came the sewing: the long, blunt needle clumsily pushed into my bleeding outer labia, my loud and anguished pretests, Grandma's words of comfort and encouragement. "It's just this one in your life, Ayaan. Be brave, he's almost finished." When the sewing was finished, the man cut the thread off with his teeth.

    That is all I can recall of it.

    I must have fallen asleep, for it wasn't until much later that day that I realized that my legs had been tied together, to prevent me from moving to facilitate the formation of a scar. I twas dark and my bladder was bursting but it hurt too much to pee. The sharp pain was still there, and my legs were covered in blood. I was sweating and shivering. It wasn't until the next day that my Grandma could persuade me to pee even a little. By then everything hurt. When I just lay still the pain throbbed miserably, but when I urinated the flash of pain was as sharp as when I had been cut.

    It took about two weeks for us to recover. Grandma tended to us constantly, suddenly gentle and affectionate. She responded to each anguished howl or whimper, even in the night. After tortured urination she washed our wounds carefully with warm water and dabbed them with a purple liquid. Then she tied our legs again and reminded us to stay completely still or we would tear, and then the man would have to be called again to sew us back up.

    Mahad was already up and about, quite healed, when the man returned to remove the thread he had used to sew me shut. This was again very painful. He used a pair of tweezers to dig out the threads, tugging on them sharply. Again, Grandma and two other women held me down. But after that, even though I had a thick, bumpy scar between my legs that hurt if I moved too much, at least my legs didn't have to be tied together anymore, and I no longer had to lie down without moving all day.

    Haweya was never the same afterward. She became ill with a fever for several weeks and lost a lot of weight. she had horrible nightmares, and during the day began stomping off to be alone. My one cheerful, playful little sister changed. Sometimes she just stared vacantly at nothing for hours. We all started wetting our beds after the circumcision.

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