My Playboy Collection

Today I pulled out the older part of my Playboy magazine collection. Kirsten needed two specific articles from the 1970s for an essay she’s writing for her sociology course. Skye and I laid them out on the table in chronological order, took a few pictures, then boxed them back up.

The older part of my Playboy magazine collection
The older part of my Playboy magazine collection

Playboy, May 1971 (Diane Davies)
Playboy, May 1971 (Diane Davies)

Playboy, September 1972 (Sandra Josefski)
Playboy, September 1972 (Sandra Josefski)

I hope Playboy is able to find its mojo and attract new subscribers. It’s an American icon and has been an important liberal voice.

Playboy, Please Don’t Go
Brent Danley, The Rhetoric, February 19, 2009

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  1. I’m sure there will be some that are horrified at your exposing your young daughter to this “filth”. :)

    Looks like a great collection you have.

  2. @Steve – I know. People are very interesting…and sometimes scary. The last time I posted a photograph with one of my girls and a Playboy I had detectives show up at my door. Hopefully, because this one only mentions a daughter, we won’t have to go through that again. :(

    Sex Education and Censorship in America
    Brent Danley, July 3, 2008

  3. I ordered the issue with the interview with Yassir Arafat. I read that interview and was shocked that the press didn’t pick up on it and go after the entire US GovernmentFro conspiracy.

  4. @Jim – Are you referring to the June 1998 issue?

    20Q, Yasir Arafat

  5. […] continue to subscribe so I won’t have a gap in my collection, in case they eventually climb back to prominence and profitability. I won’t continue to laud […]

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