I really like Facebook. And Twitter. And Google Talk. And LinkedIn. And Tumblr. And, to a much lesser extent, MySpace.

The problem is that they all have statuses that require updating. I certainly don’t have the time or patience to constantly update the status at each site. I’ve also been unable to update my Facebook status with my mobile phone because Facebook and my wireless carrier, T-Mobile, don’t play well together.

Today I discovered Ping.fm. Problems solved.


Ping.fm lets me enter my status once and then it propagates that status to each of my networks. The settings allow me to create triggers and groups so I have control over which posts go to which network and when.

What’s more, I can use Twhirl, Google Talk, or a plain old email to update Ping.fm. This means I can send an email to Ping.fm from my mobile phone to update all my statuses…including Facebook. How do you like that sidestep, T-Mobile?

If I attach a photo to my email it will be posted to Ping.fm, Flickr and Facebook simultaneously.

Ping.fm has made my life a lot easier and my social networks more happy.

Brent Danley, The Rhetoric, February 3, 2009

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