Folded Granny

The Long Legs of the Crash: 13 Unexpected Consequences of the Financial Crisis
Daniel W. Drezner, Foreign Policy, March/April 2009, p. 100

I bet you never thought you’d read about Playboy Playmates in Foreign Policy Magazine. 🙂

There is a rough correlation between bull markets and bare knees. During boom times, skirts get shorter. In these bearish times, prepare for hemlines to head south. Somewhat in relation, we’ll see something else go north: the age and weight of Playboy centerfolds. Evolutionary biology encourages people to seek “more mature” mates during times of economic insecurity, argue Terry F. Pettijohn and Brian J. Jungeberg in one of the more interesting studies published recently in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. To support their claim, the researchers showed that during recessions, centerfolds get older and, well, rounder. Similar studies have confirmed an identical trend in movie comedies—male and female leads get older during recessions.

Great about the age of the playmates and their shape. Not so great about the longer skirts. I do hope there are more changes at Playboy than the age of its centerfolds. The redesign is awful: the emphasis seems to have shifted toward the pictorials and the articles are becoming less poignant.

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