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A Formal Resignation
A Formal Resignation

I stopped going to church way back in 2004. Since then I’ve been an outspoken atheist and critic of theism generally and Mormonism specifically. A family member once asked, “why don’t you have your name removed from the records of the church?” My reasoning for not doing so was that I didn’t care what the church considered to be my membership status. I stopped being a member when I stopped believing the ridiculous dogma.

I met a woman on Facebook yesterday who changed my mind. She’s an atheist who lives in Ogden, Utah. She told me she had her name removed so she wouldn’t be counted in the church statistics; she didn’t want to prop up their membership numbers.

Being counted as a member is, in a very tiny way, helping the church. I want no part of helping an organization that ruins the minds of millions. Sarah told me of her experience resigning from the church and pointed me to a terrific website, Mormon No More, for those who no longer want their membership.

I plugged my information into the sample letter, had it notarized, and sent it to Salt Lake City via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. In two days I’ll go online to verify receipt. Then I will officially join the ranks of non-Mormons.

My formal resignation letter
My formal resignation letter
Notarized to reduce the likelihood of refusal
Notarized to reduce the likelihood of refusal
Delivery confirmation
Delivery confirmation

April 1, 2009

Delivery confirmed, 9:11 AM on April 1, 2009
Delivery confirmed, 9:11 AM on April 1, 2009

April 13, 2009

An urge to prayerfully reconsider
An urge to prayerfully reconsider

We invite you to return and partake of the happiness you once knew.

When I read that I had to laugh. They really do think membership in the church is the only way to experience true happiness. Leaving the church has been the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. True happiness is impossible with a suppressed intellect and binary morality.

An Invitation - The First Presidency
An Invitation - The First Presidency

April 19, 2009

The local Mormon bishop, Dan Kenning, with his two counselors, just stopped by to let us know he will be signing the paperwork to have my name removed from the records of the church and submitting it to the stake president. He wanted to make sure that it’s what I really want to do.

He offered his support and was very gracious. He also wanted to know what Kirsten’s intentions were. She told him she’s supporting me and will let him know later how she wishes to proceed.

Hopefully I’ll soon receive my official notice from the church acknowledging my new status.

May 11, 2009

Finally, I am no longer a Mormon. And it feels so good. 🙂

The official baptism nullification letter
The official baptism nullification letter

May 26, 2009

Now it’s really official. It feels even better than the first time it was official.

LDS resignation ackowledgment from SLC
LDS resignation ackowledgment from SLC

Watch this space for updates.

18 Replies to “A Mormon No More”

  1. I LOVE this blog and all your pictures. I'm so happy for you!!! I can't wait to hear if it goes smoothly for you or if they try to give you hell somehow. I'm assuming since your not in Utah no one will really care and it will go smoothly. Most of the horror stories have been with people who do live in Utah (which is why I did mine in Mississippi). 😀 Congratulations!

  2. Wow, that's quite the process! I can't help but chuckle a little bit, but damn… talk about making you jump through hoops. I've considered myself an agnostic for quite a while, but lately, I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm an atheist pure and simple.

    1. It is a bit funny. Why do those who want me to reconsider always ask that I pray for the answer? Perhaps I should ask them to think to find truth.

      Faith is not a virtue. It is stupidity, plain and simple.

      I agree, AJ, atheism is far simpler than agnosticism.

  3. Are you serious??? They really ask you to PRAY for the answer!?! That's too funny. Why would you ask a mythical deity for advice about whether or not you should believe it really exists? Unless you're suffering from some mental illness, you're more likely to get the answer they want by walking up to a squirrel and asking it if there really is a god. (What's that Mr. Squirrel? Did you nod your head yes? You did, didn't you! Hallelujah!)

    1. Brilliant comment, AJ. I am as befuddled and perplexed as are you. When people recommend I pray to find an answer to the question, "is there a god?", I am so taken aback I cannot ask for a more existential determinant.

      Faith is a mental illness.

  4. Congrats, Brent. You’ve been waiting a while for this.

  5. Sweet! You are free!

  6. AJ Whitney says: Reply

    Woot! What a process… the whole thing seems very ‘bureaucratic’.

  7. Damien Hunting says: Reply

    Brent–I am sending my letter in on Monday. Thanx for helping to open my eyes.

    1. Good for you, Damien. What is it that prompted you to make the (un)commitment?

  8. Great to see you are out.

  9. I am making the big step. Do you think I can take it straight to the Bishop and harass him into doing it rightnow or should I start with the official letter? I am tired of getting mail and phone calls!

    1. Good for you, Shanna! I’d follow the instructions and be patient. You want a paper trail. Let me know how it goes.

  10. Congratulations!! I have likewise resigned my membership and am waiting for the first “ecclesiastical matter” form letter, “come back pamphlet,” yadayadayada. Got my 10% pay raise LOL, got two Saturdays per week, and there is a big honkin’ glass of mocha malt iced coffee at my elbow as I write this! Ahhh freedom has a sweetness that only cult escapees can truly savour.

    I applaud your courage and, hey, thanks for all the good pics as well!

    1. Leaving the Mormon church is THE BEST thing I’ve ever done. Seriously, it changed me life in so many right ways. No more guilt for made-up victimless offenses. No more stupid rules and rituals. No more thinking of everybody else as non-Mormons who need my gift.

  11. Congrats! I’m a little jealous… My acknowledgement letter didn’t have a name of who it was from/ signed!

    They also wouldn’t let my children be removed even though I have fully custody of my kids.

    Cheers and congrats again

    1. It probably doesn’t matter a whole lot, Tracy. Just stops the annoying visits and, as I said in the post, prevents them from “counting” me in their numbers.

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