Marriage Is An Appendix

All but the Ring: Why Some Couples Don’t Wed
Lisa Selin David, Time, May 25, 2009

A Gay-Marriage Solution: End Marriage?

Michael A. Lindenberger, Time, March 16, 2009

Is marriage on its way to becoming the relationship equivalent of our appendix (in that it’s no longer needed but can cause a lot of pain)?

I sure hope so. Marriage is an archaic institution that has a benign effect on a relationship, at best. The legal benefits of marriage, however, are significant. Committed Unmarrieds pay dearly for their decision to forgo government’s stamp of approval on their relationship. The same-sex marriage fight is primarily one of benefits and semantics. If government would get out of the business of marriage, these problems would disappear immediately. There would be no losers (except, perhaps, the wedding industry and divorce attorneys).

Thank you for directing my attention to these articles, Brian.

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  1. stratcat900 says: Reply

    What a pantload! Advocate for what u want (civil union) rather than denigrate that which u clearly don’t comprehend (marriage)

    1. @stratcat900 – I’ve been happily married to the same woman for the past thirteen years. I think I get it.

      Comments at The Rhetoric must be respectful and intelligent. Is it too bothersome to type “you” instead of “u”?

  2. These are good articles Brent. I hope they are indicative of a drastic change, or at least that people are actually starting to think more about the institute of marriage. I like what Raymond McCauley said regarding his partner: “I’m not with you because there would be legal speed bumps to get through if we weren’t. I’m with you because this is where I want to be.”

  3. @Kirsten Uhler – There are several good quotes in there.

    People mistake the government sanctioning your marriage for commitment.

    If you’re in the marriage business, do it equally. And if you’re not going to do it equally, get out of the business.

    @stratcat900 – Kirsten Uhler (the woman who commented above) is my wife. You should read her excellent essay on marriage. Then, perhaps, you might gain a better comprehension of the misogynistic and outmoded institution of marriage.

    Traditional Marriage: An Outmoded Institution
    Kirsten Uhler, Cogitations, May 5, 2009

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