Twitter: What is the point?

If you think the primary use for Twitter is to tell people what you’re doing, you really do not “get it”. It’s okay, neither did I for a very long time. 🙂

@brentdanley's tweet frequency
@brentdanley's tweet frequency

The “point” of Twitter is communication. It’s active and viral.

For example, let’s suppose I find a cool website/blog post/article and tweet it. Then, several of my followers like the tweet and decide to re-tweet it to their followers. The dissemination can be exponential. Anybody can follow me and I choose who I want to follow. It’s like being at a cocktail party with the world and being able to participate in any of the innumerable conversations.

An original tweet:

Will I see YOU at the 36th Annual Old Port Festival this Sunday? I hope to be there with the girls. @oldport #maine
about 2 hours ago from web

A reply:

@brentdanley – a topless coffee shop sounds terribly misogynistic to me.. would you be ok with your daughters working there?
about 11 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to brentdanley

A re-tweet:

RT @PressHerald The N.H. Senate passes a revised bill to legalize gay marriage. Governor’s signature expected today.
about 2 hours ago from Twitter Gadget for Gmail

If you use you can find people who live nearby and who share your interests. The benefits of that should be obvious. I learn lots of things about my community by following local news stations, employment sites, and neighbors.

I also follow freelance web developers, business experts, marketing experts, social media experts, and media outlets. Oh, yeah, friends and family, too.

There are also tweetups for those of us who still enjoy eye-contact and facial expressions.

I recently enjoyed a 2 for 1 breakfast special at Sea Dog Brewing Co.. It was advertised only on Twitter. Woo hoo!

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