14 Karat Gold Fingernails!

This past week I spend two days photographing parishioners at Zion Church Ministries in Everett, Massachusetts. They are a fun, lively and beautiful bunch of people.

This woman, Deaconess Lolithea Thompson, wears 14 karat gold fingernails. She had them custom designed and crafted by a jeweler. Each nail is emblazoned with a trinket or patterned texture. One of the thumbnails has a stud through the tip, around which a small gold flower twirls. How cool is that?!

Deaconess Lolithea Thompson - Used with permission
Deaconess Lolithea Thompson - Used with permission

When Lolithea’s natural nails grow out she has to remove the gold nails, trim her natural nails, and re-affix the gold nails. She has had these nails for decades and is quite proud of them.

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  1. That’s funny, I thought religious leaders were supposed to not put value on material things like gold.

    1. If you read the bible you would know that God used the best in laying the streets of gold. It’s so pure until it’s transparent. He said in his word and I quote, I would that you would prosper even as your soul prosper. The bible also says that a foolish man was considered wise, until he opened his mouth and spoke. This is not to be disrespectful to any one. But let us not take things out of context. Love is so much sweeter than sarcasm.

      1. “[Gold] is so pure until it’s transparent.” Huh?

        You should understand that the Bible is no more wise, moral, and true as any of the Harry Potter series. It’s a safe assumption; I’ve read the Bible many times, but never any of the Harry Potter books.

        “…a foolish man was considered wise, until he opened his mouth ans spoke.” That’s just anti-intellectualism, which is a tool used by religious leaders to shield themselves from criticism from the learned and thinking class. Truth will always withstand scrutiny.

        Religion, delusion and fantasy are not worthy of respect. They deserve to be ridiculed to extinction.

  2. Pope Benedict

    @kickstand You mean like this guy? LOL.

    I thought so, too. Few things about religion make sense. Every religion abounds in contradiction.

  3. Sounds like one of your more interesting assignments, Brent. She seems like a neat woman. (and your Pope joke is funny!)

  4. @Sue Amero I always enjoy black and latino churches. The members are vibrant, spunky and come dressed to the hilt. Plus, they usually buy large canvas portraits. 🙂

    Thank you, Ken and Sue, for your comments! ♥

  5. I would like to order gold nails

  6. Betty Mitchell says: Reply

    I lost my gold nail and I am trying to find another before Christmas. Can you tell or help me find a GOLD NAIL. Thank You

    1. I cannot. I snapped the picture and have lost contact with the subject. Sorry. 🙁

  7. Thelma Etan-Thorpe says: Reply

    When I lived in Germany I had a set made with a Diamond in the right hand little finger.I have lost the Diamond and 1 x index, where can I buy these? please and thank you.

  8. Are they real gold and where can I find them?

    1. I think they are real. You probably have to find a jeweler who can make them for you, and to your specs.

  9. BARBARA JORDAN says: Reply


    1. A better question is: Why would you want to? 🙂

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