Michael Jackson Is Still The King of Pop

Today, at age 50, Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack. It’s surprising and a bit sad. I was hoping he’d have a successful comeback.

I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was nine and lived in Palmer, Alaska. I memorized the lyrics to all the songs on the Thriller album (including Vincent Price’s spoken portion at the end of Thriller) and practiced the moonwalk in my bedroom. Michael Jackson was unlike any other entertainer. When he danced on stage he was mesmerizing; I couldn’t take my eyes off him. We all anxiously awaited the release of every music video he created, because they set the bar for the medium.

Michael is the King of Pop.

More videos here.


I just read this in Harper’s Magazine. Interesting.

Harper's Magazine, June 2009
Harper's Magazine, June 2009

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  1. Wow – would never have pegged you as an MJ fan. Interesting.

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