Bombardier Learjet 85

I was reading today in AOPA Pilot magazine about layoffs at Cessna in Wichita, Kansas. The business aviation industry is hurting, especially because of the stupidity of the media and public over the auto industry executives’ flights to Washington. I digress. I hope my friends in Wichita who work in aircraft still have their jobs. […]

Phurl Powers ILV.ME

Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough room to express our thoughts, activities, quotations, recipes, tutorials, diatribes, announcements, affections, tips and lessons. Our most valiant attempts at compendium often extend beyond the limitations imposed by Twitter. The solution is quite simple: all a tweeter has to do is include a URL to point to a blog […]

Sickness Industry

The July/August 2009 issue of Technology Review is especially good. In it there are articles on Wolfram Alpha, cap and trade, Obama’s technology stimulus, and nuclear fusion. It also contains an entire section on cloud computing and a thought-provoking essay on privacy in the age of Facebook. A Pound of Cure (subscription required) Andy Kessler, […]

Flying in Maine

I REALLY want to get back up in the air. It would be so cool to duck under Portland’s Class C airspace and fly along the beach or snap photos of distant island lighthouses. It would be fun to zip over to Sanford Regional in New Hampshire for some touch-and-gos. A flight north along the […]