Bombardier Learjet 85

Bombardier Learjet 85
Bombardier Learjet 85

I was reading today in AOPA Pilot magazine about layoffs at Cessna in Wichita, Kansas. The business aviation industry is hurting, especially because of the stupidity of the media and public over the auto industry executives’ flights to Washington. I digress. I hope my friends in Wichita who work in aircraft still have their jobs.

Learjet–where I worked for six years–seems to be be doing well. In fact, they may be hiring workers to assemble the new Learjet Model 85.

Bombardier Proceeds With Learjet 85 Plans
Deidre Woollard, Luxist, November 5, 2008

But Bombardier Aerospace has said that plans for its new Learjet 85 assembly line will go forward. Bombardier spokesman Leo Knaapen has said that the the company is hiring 500- 700 people to work at the Wichita plant on Learjet 85. Bombardier spokesman Leo Knaapen cites the company’s more international focus as a reason for its success at a time when others are faltering. The company has said they are conscious of the financial crisis but for the moment they are not predicting any layoffs at their Wichita plant.

That’s good news.

Learjets are much nicer than any of their competitors. I’m excited that they’re finally building a composite fuselage.

Learjet 85 progress advancing as planned
Molly McMillin, Wichita Eagle, July 21, 2009

Wichita’s Learjet facility is preparing to take on the final assembly and delivery of the jet, which will be built with an all-composite structure.

More than 60 production employees have completed composites technology and application training and are working alongside the development team on producing various concept models required for the development, it said.

The company also has produced two proof-of-concept fuselages in Montreal and completed all wind tunnel testing. A proof-of-concept wing demonstrator is also under way.

Check out this gorgeous cockpit.

Lear 85 Flightdeck
Lear 85 Flightdeck

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  1. Wow, that is a sweet looking cockpit! How would you like to fly this one? 🙂

    1. Helmut Schwaiger says: Reply

      Hello Kirsten,
      that’s right. a real great A/C

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