Google Trends: Panties and Farts

While checking out Google Trends today I learned that Tiger Woods may have farted, Screech isn’t in People Magazine’s cover photo, Bill Clinton is in North Korea negotiating the release of two American journalists, and Ashton Kutcher posted to twitpic a photo of Demi Moore’s butt.

Google Trends: tiger woods farts is <em>on fire</em>
Google Trends: "tiger woods farts" is on fire

Ashton Kutcher posted to twitpic this pic of Demi Moore's butt
Ashton Kutcher posted to twitpic this pic of Demi Moore's butt

Google Trends is a great tool for those who are interested in what’s hot and for those who want to ride the wave of popularity (popularity = views = money). If you manage a website and want to increase your search engine ranking, it’s a good idea to know which keywords are being searched for most and how they rank relative to similar words.

You can compare up to five terms in Google Trends to see their popularity over time.

Google Trends: <em>christianity, atheism, islam, judaism</em>
Google Trends: christianity, atheism, islam, judaism

Check it out. You’re almost guaranteed to find interesting stuff.

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  1. Very cool find, Brent! I tried: lemon, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, peach. And……lemon is the winner! Google certainly has come up with some great tools.

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