Pagans and Babysitters

Dar Williams
Dar Williams

Last weekend our family had the good fortune of attending the L.L. Bean Summer Concert Series in Freeport, Maine with Jason and Peg Pooler and their kids. It’s an outdoor venue. The weather was perfect: cool with clear, starry skies.

The featured performer, Dar Williams, put on a great concert. I wasn’t familiar with Dar before the show. Now I’m a big fan.

Dar’s voice is angelic and earthy and her song’s lyrics are cerebral, poetic, poignant, funny and moving. I clapped and cheered throughout the concert.

After the concert Kirsten and I stood outside and talked to Peg and Jason for a long time while the kidlets ran around and played. Most of the concertgoers had left so we were mostly alone. At around 22:30 Dar came out of L.L. Bean and approached us, just to talk. After hanging out with us for a bit she gave us two CDs. How cool is that?!

This song is called The Babysitter’s Here and is from her album, The Honesty Room. It’s a humorous song about a young girl’s experience with her babysitter, whom she admires greatly.


Religion is a subject about which I have been passionate for most of my life, in one way or another. I wish Christians could see their beliefs in the same light they cast on the beliefs of others.

This song is called The Christians and The Pagans and is from her Mortal City album.

“It’s true, your cousin’s not a Christian, but we love trees, we love snow, the friends we have, the world we share, And you find magic from your god, and we find magic everywhere.”

We’re not all that different, really.


Buzzer is from Dar’s latest album, Mortal City. It’s about the Milgram experiment of the 1960s. Many of us, Milgram’s experiments showed, can be persuaded to do things that contradict our moral conscience. I studied these experiments in college and was fascinated by the findings. Is fascism hiding under the surface in each of us? The Nazis were able to use basically good people as their puppets to perform most heinous and barbaric acts. Fascism is how religions maintain a grasp on their minions, too.


This last song I’ll post is from Dar’s My Better Self album. It’s titled Teens for God and is about a girl who is filled with excitement about being on the Lord’s errand. The end of the song, where the narrator tells us of the girls’ rejection of god, is my favorite part.

There are parallels in my own life.


Buy Dar’s music. Find out when she’ll be touring near you and get tickets. She’s fun, funny, cute, and brilliant. Love her.

Check out incredible pictures from the concert at Birch Blaze Photography.

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  1. I’m so glad to have discovered Dar Williams! I too love her music. I love her style, and her poignant messages.

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