An Introductory Warning

This afternoon I selected a Stanford University Philosophy show by Professor Robert Harrison titled “Entitled Opinions About Life and Literature” from my iPhone to keep myself engaged during the commute home. I love the introduction, by way of unapologetic warning.

René Girard on Ritual Sacrifice and the Scapegoat (October 4, 2005)

Warning: The following is an unadulterated and unusually concentrated intellectual discussion. It should be avoided by anyone who does not have a very high tolerance for thinking. If you have an aversion to the exchange of ideas, if you’re deficient in curiosity, if you suffer from common American anti-intellectualism, then please tune out now.

This show promotes the narcotic of intelligent conversation. It takes us into the garden and seats us at the banquet table of ideas, where we feast on the bread of angels: clear and distinct thinking, intuitive analysis, and an enriched use of English. We bring them all to bear on the pursuit of self knowledge.

So be warned: we don’t dumb things down around here. We ratchet up and let it rip.

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  1. “feast on the bread of angels” I like that. The intro is great.

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