3 Replies to “Be Good For Goodness’ Sake!”

  1. Hehe.. I like it!

    Though of course, your suggested replacement would be somewhat of a strawman 😉

  2. Andrew – How?

    Is it not true that people who obey god do so–in some cases–to avoid his wrath or to gain his reward?

    A strawman is fallacious because it misrepresents a position then argues against that misrepresentation. Do you believe god sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake? Do you believe in his judgment?

    My suggested replacement is not a misrepresentation. Quite the opposite, in fact. Santa is an analogy of god.

  3. Is it weird to comment months after a post? (yes)


    My grandfather was fond of saying, “Be good for nothing.”

    And Andrew – that’s not a straw man.

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