Dropbox logoIf you’re like me you want your files to be mobile, but find USB flash drives a less-than-ideal solution. USB flash drives get lost and they don’t connect well into mobile devices, like my iPhone. Emailing a file is okay, but it’s annoying, too. What if you want to email your friends a file that exceeds the file-size limitations of your email provider. What if you want to make the file available to many people, some of whose email addresses you may not know, like your Twitter or Facebook friends? Dropbox is the ultimate solution!

With Dropbox you simply create a free account (click here to sign up and you and I will both get 250MB of free space!) and that’s it! You can upload files directly from the website, put them in your public folder, and copy the direct link to the files to share with your friends. Then, when you’re at the library, you can return to the website on their public computer to access you’re file.

Dropbox - options
Dropbox - folder options

Dropbox - public link
Dropbox - public link

It gets better. You don’t have to always use the website to manage and access your files. On each of your computers (Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile device) you can install a dropbox app. This adds a folder/directory to your file system. Now, when you save a file to your Dropbox folder on that computer, it’s instantly synced to all of your other computers. I can save a file in Photoshop on my Windows laptop and–almost instantly–it is available on my Linux machine where I may need it in a blog post I’m drafting. Likewise, I can add a photo I’ve taken with my iPhone to my iPhone Dropbox app and it’s instantly available on all my other Dropbox computers, and also the website.

Dropbox - computers
Dropbox - sync files across all computers
Dropbox on my iPhone
Dropbox on my iPhone

Dropbox is FREE! Anybody can get 2 gigabytes of Dropbox storage absolutely free. I store all my client files, items I want to share, and files I need backed up. I’m well within the free threshold. If you need more you can upgrade your account to 50 or 100 GB for a small monthly payment. Thanks to a few of my friends using this link »»ilv.me/dropbox«« to get their own Dropbox account, I now have 3 GB. (Thank you!)

Dropbox - usage
Dropbox - my current usage

What are you waiting for? Click the logo below to get your free Dropbox account. You still might need that USB thumb drive for mobile apps and operating systems, or to run a mobile web server, but you won’t need it to move your files around.

Dropbox logo

Do you already use Dropbox? Let me know in the comments what you think of it. Have you exceeded your free quota? If you used my link to get your own Dropbox account, let me know in the comments what you think of it and ask any questions you might have about using Dropbox.

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