I Wrapped My Snowboard Around a Tree [VIDEO]

It was the last tree of Celestial at Sunday River. I’ve hit trees before and learned they do not move or flex and they are not soft. I’ve also learned that it is important to look where you want to go, not at what you want to avoid, which is probably the natural thing to do. Why I forgot both essential lessons here I do not know.

Bendy Burton
Bendy Burton

4 Replies to “I Wrapped My Snowboard Around a Tree [VIDEO]”

  1. Wow. Ouch! But at least you captured it on video, right?

    Just watching you going through that wooded area was making me nervous… why would you do that? Isn’t that what trails are for?

    1. Trails are fun because I can go wicked fast or just cruise. They’re less fun when they are crowded or the snow has been beat up or is icy. Glades (thinned trees) are far more technically challenging and allow me to push my skills, which is fun in itself. The glades often have great snow when there is none left on the groomed trails.

  2. […] green on the mountain, tackled the Celestial glade. This time I was more careful and successfully avoided all trees. Celestial was by far my favorite trail of the day. The powder was deep and tracks […]

  3. […] practically begging me to ride. Burton sent it free of charge under their warranty program, since I cracked my board last season. I stopped at Starbucks at a Turnpike service station to get coffee and calories. Kirsten sent me […]

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