STS-135 NASA Tweetup, SRB Return

Two days after the STS-135 launch, the SRBs had been towed to port and would be visible to those gathered on the shore. I had never seen this process, so drove to the Cape to have a look.

I paid to park at Jetty Park and walked out past the several men fishing off the pier. It wasn’t long before I could faintly make out Liberty Star, and behind her a solid rocket booster in tow. Leading the procession was a boat spraying water into the air. I wondered if this was normal, or to celebrate the end of the shuttle program.

A Glorious Return

Liberty Star and an SRB

Solid Rocket Booster
Business end of an SRB
Watching the SRB return was my last STS-135 experience.

When the SRB had passed I made the short drive to the Visitor’s Complex at Kennedy Space Complex. I was given a complimentary two-day ticket in my STS-135 NASA Tweetup swag bag, and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. After experiencing NASA with special access, the Visitor’s Complex seemed disappointingly touristy.

I watched two 3D IMAX movies: Space Station and Hubble. They were amazing. I especially enjoyed seeing Astronaut Mike Massimino (@astro_mike), whom I had met two days prior, repairing the ailing space telescope. It all seemed so real, and so important.

The gift shop was picked over and the lines on the “rides” were long, so I left well before closing. I enjoyed the complex and would definitely return on a future visit to the area.

Brent at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
A huge rocket!
NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex
I love the space shuttles!

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