A Flight With Hayley, To Rockland

Yesterday I took Hayley flying. It was her first flight with me, and we were both excited. I also wanted to visit my friend Maggi (@magpiecreative), who lives in the Camden/Rockland area. The leaves are starting to turn to their brilliant autumnal colors, and a flight along the coast was sure to be breathtaking.

Hayley and I arrived at the airport early, hoping the plane would be ready. It wasn’t. In fact, the pilots who had it before me returned late. No worries. I completed my weight and balance worksheet, called ATIS to get weather and runway information, and waited with Hayley.

The flight to Knox County Regional Airport was fun. Hayley looked out the window, wearing her way-too-large headset, and kept thanking me for bringing her and telling me she was glad the flight was long.

Flightaware: KPWM ~> KRKD

I'm curious why the iPhone 4 camera captures a spinning propeller like this.

Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM)
Bath Iron Works (BIW)
Hayley enjoyed our flight

When we arrived at Rockland I couldn’t get anybody on the radio to find out which runway was being used, so we overflew the airport to get a look at the windsock. Three-one was the one most preferable for the conditions, so we circled around, crossed mid-field, and entered a left downwind. Maggi and Atticus were waiting for us inside the perimeter fence, a benefit of being at a small airport. They got in the plane and we immediately departed for a local scenic flight.

Rockland Breakwater Light
Maggi was nervous in the bumps
Atticus is a good kid, and seemed to enjoy the flight.
The leaves look near peak. Gorgeous.
Coastal Maine, from above
Camden, Maine. Photo: Maggi Blue
Vinalhaven Wind Project

After flying over Camden, through some small mountains and over the nearby islands, we returned to the airport. After touchdown, while still in the taxi on runway three-one, I heard the all-too-familiar sounds of a child vomiting. It was Hayley. I was too busy operating the airplane and trying to get it off the runway so a departing aircraft could use it to do anything about Hayley. The sounds, however, were agonizing. I imagined vomit all over Hayley, her headset, the seat, floor, everywhere. Maggi was wonderful. She helped Hayley and assured me that it wasn’t as bad as it was sounding.

Maggi got a towel from her car that I used to clean the plane. She also helped Hayley clean up in the bathroom. Maggi was an angel.

On a side note, the new building at Know County Regional Airport is very nice. It has a ticketing counter, baggage claim area and nice bathrooms. It’s also very secure. I couldn’t get back to the ramp through the building, so I walked out the front doors leading to the parking lot and then through the ramp gate, which was wide open.

We had planned to eat lunch at the beach, but it was packed due to the unseasonably warm weather. Instead we drove to Camden to visit her and her husband Dwight’s chocolate shop, Chocolatier Blue. After seeing the shop and meeting Dwight, we ate at the Camden Harbor the lunch Maggi had packed for us. The weather was brilliant, as was the postcard perfect scenery before us.

We enjoyed lunch at Camden Harbor

Maggi makes wonderful glass jewelry, and before returning us to the airport she gave Hayley necklaces for her and her sisters and Kirsten. Hayley was SO thrilled by the gift.

Maggi gave Hayley necklaces

Before taking off at Rockland we had the wings topped off with gas.

Getting gas at Knox County for the flight home
Hayley waiting for takeoff
Hayley loves her new glass necklace

So she wouldn’t vomit on the plane again, Hayley had her sick sack at the ready. I assured her that she would have plenty of warning to use the sack if she just kept it close, so she put it away. She was thankful for this, as she was holding the necklaces like precious treasure and wanted to examine them the entire flight.

Sick sack ready
Boats and pounds
Flying with Hayley is tops

Hayley enjoyed giving the necklaces to her sisters and Kirsten perhaps more than she liked receiving her own.

Maggi gave the girls necklaces

This video is long and boring. I took it for Susan, who has promised to fly with me…someday. 🙂

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great day.
    I always fly with my sick sack handy, too!

  2. Cheryl Painter says: Reply

    The scenery is beautiful. I’m so glad the glass necklaces saved the day for Hayley, because getting sick is not fun. Thanks for sharing this trip.

    1. Come up to Maine, Cheryl, and I’ll be happy to take you on a scenic lighthouse flight up the coast. 🙂

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