A Flying Date With Jenna

I took Jenna on a daddy-daughter date Saturday. It wasn’t planned, but it was awesome nonetheless. I wanted to go to the Palace Diner in Biddeford for breakfast, and didn’t want to go alone. Jenna happened to be the only other person awake, so I invited her. She excitedly accepted my offer, and we were off.

I had tentative plans to go flying with my friend Sean, who would be bringing his “little brother” Zach. I hadn’t flown with Jenna in Maine, so invited her to fill the third seat. Again, she was eager to go.

Breakfast at Palace Diner

Hash Omelet

I hadn’t flown for several months so had to do three solo landings for currency. Jenna patiently waited inside the flight school. Traffic at PWM was busy, so the tower had me taxi off the runway after my first landing, after which I had to wait while holding short for two-niner for what seemed like a very long time (with engine running, which is expensive). I was finally cleared for takeoff, finished my last two landings and taxied back to the building to get Jenna. When she was secured and briefed, we headed to Brunswick to get our pax (passengers).

Topping off the tanks prior to departure
Holding for two-niner

Sean and Zach were waiting for us on the ramp at Brunswick. We were quite late due to our delays in Portland. After a short local flight of the area, we dropped Sean and Zach back at Brunswick and flew home.

Sean Bachelder makes a great co-pilot
Daddy-daughter flying dates are the best

I always love spending time with Jenna, who is gracious, inquisitive, intelligent and genuinely seems to enjoy our time together, too. I can’t wait until next time!

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  1. What a perfect date! Jenna seemed to really enjoy it when I asked her about it afterward. I’m glad you had fun together.

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