Flying with Mom, Jeff and Heidi

Yesterday I woke up early to go flying with my mom, Jeff and his friend Heidi. We got to the airport at 06:30, but we couldn’t find the airplane. After searching the ramp several time it was finally located in a hangar behind a huge Hawker. By the time we climbed in the plane, the Earth had already rotated enough that the sun was showing above the horizon. We missed our sunrise shots, but were determined to enjoy ourselves anyways.

FedEx departs at sunrise. Photo: Jeff Olivier

N6194D Glowing. Photo: Jeff Olivier

We departed Portland’s runway two-niner and made a left turn out towards Cape Elizabeth. We made a couple passes by Portland Head Light and Ram Island Ledge Light before turning up the coast toward Pemaquid Point.

Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light. Photo: Jeff Olivier
Ram Island Ledge Light. Photo: Jeff Olivier
Portland and a GoPro HERO HD. Photo: Kathy Longacre

Who needs charts and winds aloft forecasts to make dead reckoning calculations of heading and time enroute when one has at their disposal and iOS device with the ForeFlight app? It’s really a game changer for aviation.

ForeFlight. Photo: Jeff Olivier

On the way back Jeff was feeling a bit nauseous, so I tried to be gentle.

Jeff was a good copilot

I used my suction cup attachment for my GoPro HD HERO camera to affix it to the underside of the left wing. I used a safety rope connected to the wing tie-down in case it did break loose (I don’t want to be responsible for a dropped-object). The video (watch below) is cloudy, as some condensation accumulated on the lens.

The GoPro Hero HD never moved.
The Old Port. Photo: Jeff Olivier

I did a straight-in landing on two-niner. The approach was perfect and slow. I chopped power just ahead of the numbers and touched down gently on the second stripe. A couple feet off center, but an otherwise perfect landing.

Two-niner. Photo: Jeff Olivier
Two-niner short final. Photo: Jeff Olivier
Touchdown on runway two-niner was perfect!

The last time I flew with my mom was in Wichita, Kansas too many years ago. It was great to get back up in the air with her and show her how magnificent is my new state.

It was great to fly with my mom again.
Heidi and Jeff

Before the flight I downloaded the GPS Tracks app for my iPhone. It’s feature rich and worked well. Unfortunately, I didn’t start it until we were already in the air. It monitors track, altitude, and provides loads of view and export options.

GPS Tracks, flight data

I loaded the KMZ file into Google Earth and overlaid it with a Sectional Aeronautical Chart.

The GPS Tracks iPhone app worked well.

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