Snowboarding at Sunday River – Happy New Year!

I got a text message yesterday informing me that my New England Gold Pass was ready for me to pick up at the Sunday River season pass desk. Pretty sweet perk from my employer, Outside Television, eh? I couldn’t just let that thing sit up there unclaimed and unused, could I?

I headed up to Sunday River by myself this morning somewhere just after 6:30. I had to stop at my office to get my new Burton snowboard and attach the bindings. It’s been sitting in my office for months, practically begging me to ride. Burton sent it free of charge under their warranty program, since I cracked my board last season. I stopped at Starbucks at a Turnpike service station to get coffee and calories. Kirsten sent me with a couple Red Bulls. Ain’t she sweet?

I picked up my pass at the desk. The lady who issued it was very nice, and congratulated me on getting my first ever season pass (computers tell all).

I got a New England Gold Pass!

The GoPro HERO HD batteries were charged and I had installed the latest version of the Ski Tracks app on my iPhone. I was ready. The skies were blue and the mercury was up to 42ºF!

North Peak snow under the Chondola was decent

We haven’t had a lot of snow, so what little we did was all manmade and groomed. Most of the trails, including Southpaw, my favorite, had very little snow and were closed. I was on the mountain early enough that there were few people and the trails were freshly groomed. With blue skies and fresh groomers, I was pretty stoked.

Snow under the Spruce Peak Triple is sparse..

My new Burton snowboard has a Flying V bend, as opposed to the Camber bend on my board last year. It seemed a bit looser in the turns at speed, especially at the tip and tail. My max speed according to Ski Tracks was 38.9 MPH and a max slope of 49º. I’ll open it up later in the season. Maybe next time.

Last year I wrecked my wrists, so I was especially careful today, not wanting a re-injury. I noticed a few times I checked the ground with my hand as I leaned, and tried to force myself not to.

It was a wonderful day. I’m super stoked to have a pass so I can go whenever I want. The only thing I’ll have to pay for is gas to get up there. However, I’m sure I’ll have a few bowls of chili at South Ridge before the season’s over.

I love to ride!

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