Burton Sleeper Premium Full-Zip Hoodie

I’ve wanted the Burton Sleeper Premium Full-Zip Hoodie all season. But they’ve been sold out in my size and color for months. I’ve looked for it elsewhere. No luck. A few days ago Kirsten told me she found one and that it was enroute. Woot!

This isn’t just another hoodie. If it was it wouldn’t retail for $99. No, this is the Swiss Army knife of hoodies. It has myriad pockets inside and out. Some of them are in the seams and barely visible. Inside the right zippered kangaroo pocket is an audio pocket with headphone cable port. Near the same pocket on the outside is a small pocket for a set of foam ear plugs. You read that right; the hoodie comes with foam earplugs. And a toothbrush. There’s a pocket for that, too.

The hoodie goodies.

When you want to catch a quick nap you’ll want to be wearing this hoodie. It has an inflatable neck pillow integrated into the hood. Just pop the valve, inflate and relax. If you don’t have the included eye mask with you, simply pull down the countoured light shield, also integrated into the hood.

It’s soft, thick, and warm. It has thumb holes in the cuffs and ventilating underarm holes. It’s like heaven. Really.

Brent models the new hoodie.

Thanks, Kirsten. 🙂

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