Snowboarding with Skye at Sunday River

Brent and Skye on a chairlift at Sunday River

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, I checked the weather report for Newry, Maine for the following day. It was forecast to be cold. Very cold. Skye and I were planning to go to Sunday River where she would take a ski lesson in the morning and ski with me in the afternoon. With expected temperatures in the low single digits and wind chills below zero, I was concerned Skye’s gear wouldn’t be sufficient to keep her warm. Her excitement, however, couldn’t be allayed. We were going.

We left very early the following morning, and without breakfast. I had talked Skye into postponing breakfast until we arrived in Bethel so I could introduce her to the breakfast sandwiches I had tried for the first time only the day prior. The sandwiches at Gourmet in a Pinch in Bethel are wonderful; they have a light flaky crust filled with egg, cheese and sausage.

The drive up was nice. Skye was very excited to ski again. We got our sandwiches, as planned, and continued to the resort.

Because Skye had been skiing previously and didn’t need to learn the very basics, I couldn’t put her into the Learn to Ski package as planned. Instead I had to buy a group lesson, buy her a lift ticket, and rent her equipment. The cost was double the $70 I had expected. What could I do? We were standing at the ski school, two hours from home, and it what they were asking was worth it. I did what every good dad does: I paid.

After making sure Skye was okay and being taken care of by the staff at Perfect Turn, I got myself ready to ride. Conditions in the morning were awesome! It was cold, but I am always prepared for the worst side of the forecast. Very few people were out due to the frigid temperatures, which meant no lift lines and no slow skiers through whom I must normally maneuver.

Extreme cold at Sunday River
Carving all by myself
Sunday River was mostly empty

After Skye’s class was over we met up, ate lunch, and headed back out. Skye did wonderfully for her third day and second lesson. We went down Lazy River off the Barker Quad a few times, which was her favorite trail. She was able to make confident and controlled turns both directions, and thereby regulate her speed. We had a great time! I stayed close to her and back a bit so that skiers and riders would travelling at higher speeds would not run into her (her traverses were far wider than is usual and considerate).

After we were both done for the day we enjoyed a few drinks and appetizers at the Foggy Goggle in the Southridge Lodge. We talked about skiing and other things. Mostly, we just enjoyed being together.

Winding down at the Foggy Goggle

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