Snowboarding with Skye and Hayley

Today I took Skye and Hayley to Sunday River. I put Hayley in an all-day snowboarding class at Perfect Turns, while Skye and I rode all over the mountain together.


Skye did a run off the Chondola while I got Hayley situated in her class. When I was ready, Skye and I headed over to Jordan Bowl so I could show Skye Lalapalooza, a nice, long, easy green trail on the very east edge of Sunday River. We met up with Jeff Olivier while there, and did a few runs with him. Then we took Kansas back to where Hayley was having her lessons. She seemed to be doing well, and was happy, so we left her and ate lunch.

Skye the Skier
Skye and Hayley
Ski Tracks

After lunch Skye and I headed to the Barker Quad. We rode Sunday Punch, Southpaw, and Lazy River a few times. She was doing phenomenally well, and able to do any blue I wanted.

Hayley loves to ride
Brent, Hayley, and Skye
Hayley trepidatiously prepares for her first run off the chairlift

Skye wanted to hit Lalapalooza a few more times before we left, so we worked our way back east. When it was time to get Hayley, we rode Kansas back. I talked to Connor, Hayley’s instructor, for a bit before the three of us took the North Peak Quad so Hayley could experience a bit more elevation and a longer run. She did much better than the last time I brought her, but wasn’t confident or skilled enough for the steeper parts. That’s where I carried her. When we got back to the magic carpet area, I did a few runs with her there, and gave her lots of tips. We had a great time together. Skye was riding the Chondola, trying to get in a last run before the lifts stopped running.

The "magic carpet" is an easy ride to the top of the bunny slope.
Ski Tracks: The tale of the tape.

*shot on my iPhone 4S

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  1. Kirsten Uhler says: Reply

    That’s awesome! I’m glad you got the video of Skye. She’s really doing well! Hayley’s board is so little! I’m glad everyone had a good time. Skye told me it was “amazing.” Great photos.

  2. Yes, that looks like heaps of fun. Skiing is the best – go Skye!

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