It was so great to come home from snowboarding and have Kirsten Uhler take care of me. She’s a wonderful nurse.

I snowboarded with Skye Danler all day today at Sunday River, from first chair at 08:00 to last chair at 16:00. On our second run I slid down an icy curduroyed Southpaw at 40mph without a coat. It was a bit like sliding down a cheese grater. I’ll spare you the photo (Hayley exclaimed, while covering her mouth, “Oh, my god!”).

Brent at Sunday River

Skye and I rode the big jump bases in Rocking Chair and dropped in to the halfpipe four times. It wasn’t pretty to watch, but we had a great time and improved with each run. I think I’ll get it next year (along with butters, and making switch riding second nature).

Skye at Sunday River

We did 25+ runs (Ski Tracks stopped recording when my iPhone battery died after 20 runs), mostly off the Locke Triple, Barker Quad and Spruce Triple. I’m completely and totally knackered. It was a fun season. I have twelve days of riding in so far. There may be one more. :)

Where did Kirsten put the Advils? ;)

Ski Tracks map (most of the day)

Ski Tracks stats

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  1. You should have posted the photo of your battle scars. Of course I take care of you…since you don’t take care of yourself, you crazy man! ;-)

    It’s nice that you and Skye are doing this together and that she is improving so quickly.


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