Kirsten Is Recovering – Monday, September 3, 2012


Kirsten is doing great! Her hemoglobin counts are climbing, which indicates that she is most likely not bleeding internally. She continues to be connected to the EEG machine for monitoring. Soni and the girls visited briefly tonight.

We need more days like today (except without any scares).


I walked in to Kirsten’s room in SCU 4 to find her nurse, Kathy, and Maggie chatting with her. Kirsten’s hemoglobin counts fell, so she was given another unit of blood. They’re continuing to monitor her for possible internal bleeding.

I stood in rounds today with the doctors as they discussed Kirsten and their plans for her. Nothing worth noting.

Kirsten is still on the EEG. The neurologist would like for her to have another episode of delirium before discontinuing monitoring. I doubt it’s going to happen. At least talk of seizure activity has decreased. Perhaps my persistence is paying off. If they don’t find anything from the EEG, I’m going to request they remove her from the Levetiracetam.

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  1. Glad she is doing better. They can’t tell if she is bleeding from the scan they did?
    Luv Dad

    1. The octreotide scan was to identify ACTH-secreting tumors (it revealed none). That led to a bilateral adrenalectomy. She developed subcutaneous and internal bleeding following surgery, which was confirmed by a CT scan. Falling hemoglobin counts indicate a loss of blood. She did not exhibit any of the other signs that someone bleeding internally has, so the attending physician this morning ordered hemoglobin trending today. After the transfusion this morning, those numbers have climbed steadily.

      If she’s bleeding internally, we’re in big trouble at this point. I’m hopeful that we aren’t. It’s not uncommon for a patient to have lower hemoglobin counts following surgery or IR, especially when receiving IV fluids, I’m told.

      Thanks for the question. I love you, too.

  2. Glad to see the words Kirsten and doing great all in the same sentence. Hoping for more of these types of posts 🙂

  3. So glad that she’s doing better! Any word on the results of the Liver biopsy?

    1. No word yet, but we’re not expecting results until middle or late in the week.

  4. Yeah! Back to boring please. Love you guys.

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