Kirsten Is Recovering – Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When I arrived at Kirsten’s hospital room after work, Soni and the girls were already visiting. We talked about the girls’ day and Kirsten’s recovery.

Kirsten seems to be doing pretty well. Friday has been mentioned as a possible date for discharge. I have mixed feelings about that. She is very weak and will require constant care. I think she should get strong enough to walk around and stand on her own, at least.

They reweighed her at my request. 36 kg. That seems far closer to her actual weight than 96 pounds. Who was the blind fool who weighed her before, I wonder.


When I visited Kirsten this morning before work she was happy and alert and sitting up in bed. I love those mornings! Dr. MacGillivray, Kirsten’s surgeon, stopped by. He hopes to have the liver biopsy results today or tomorrow.

Kirsten is in an IMC (Intermediate Care) room on the fourth floor (R4). There’s room for two beds, but she’s in the only one. The view out her window is pretty fantastic.

The view from 404B

While I was at work I called Kirsten’s phone and a doctor answered. He said Kirsten’s blood pressure was up and her hemoglobin was down. That’s not good. When I talked to Kirsten she was confused and scared. That sure makes it more difficult for me to concentrate at work. FML.

I’m in her room now during my lunch break. She’s looking over her lunch menu. A dietician came in to talk about diabetes nutrition. She said they weighed her in the bed and came up with 96 pounds. Kirsten hovers around 95 pounds when healthy. She was 82 pounds three days prior to coming into the Emergency Department, and has been on NPO (not eating) for at least six days since we’ve been here. Do they not even look at her when they write the number? And are they basing medicine doses on that inaccurate weight? The incompetence by some here is very scary.

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  1. Man that is so hard to hear. Good job for not yelling at the guy to recheck to scale calibration or his tare method. Love you guys.

    1. “It don’t look right, but I gotta go with what the scale says.” <~ I can only imagine the thought process went something like this.

      1. 36kgx2.2=79.2 lbs in the event no one else ever lived in Canada.

        Love you guys.

        1. I provided a link (for those who have never lived in Canada). ;)

  2. Crap :( I’m sorry to read about Kirsten’s blood pressure being elevated, and her hemoglobin being down. And about the incompetence, which is certainly a concern. Thinking of you both every day, many times a day – even when I don’t comment on the blog… Hugs.

    1. I like you, Kerry. :)

  3. Hey Brent, I wish I could come stay with her after discharge, then you could have a competent nurse there to care for her! So glad she’s doing better, relatively speaking. Reading your blogs everyday! Give Kirstin a sloppy wet one for me! LOL


    1. That would be awesome!!

      Tongue? ;) #toosoon?

  4. Sheri and John Williams, lifelong friends of the Uhlers and Kirsten says: Reply

    We have been following your blog. We are so happy to know Soni is with you and Kirsten. All of you are in our thoughts and concerns.
    Sheri and John Williams from New Mexico
    p.s. John is a lifelong friend of Clarke and we enjoyed lots of special times together during Kirsten’s childhood years and her sisters.

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