Kirsten Is Recovering – Saturday, September 8, 2012

Before going to visit Kirsten at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital, Jenna, Hayley, Soni and I went on a short walk up a section of the Eastern Trail in Saco, to Dairy Queen, and back. We brought loupes and binoculars and stopped frequently to enjoy and investigate nature’s wonder and beauty. It was nice.

Jenna and Hayley on Saco’s Eastern Trail

Kirsten is doing very well and receiving excellent care. She had a shower (a very big deal!) and, with the aid of a walker, took a tour of her unit. When we visited she was her usual happy self, and enjoyed talking to each of the girls about what was going on in their lives.

Kirsten talks to her girls

Each day Kirsten has occupational and physical therapy sessions and eats lots of nutritious (if not delicious) food. She is certainly on the road to recovery, for which we are all elated and enthusiastic.

Kirsten’s bed at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital

Kirsten no longer has to wear a hospital johnnie, so we brought her her favorite Victoria’s Secret shorts and t-shirt, which her nurse helped her change into. On the way home, I stopped at Victoria’s Secret to get her a couple new, very comfortable, outfits (While we were at the mall, of course, Skye needed new clothes of her own. Teenagers!). She’s going to be so excited when I give them to her tomorrow.

Pink Loves Parties
Hero dad :)

When we got home I drove Skye to Katie’s house, where she will spend the night. After dinner, the girls and I showed Soni some of my YouTube vidoes. Then we played a few games of Hearts.

It was a wonderful day. Considering.

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  1. Nice job. You’re doing great (including the crying bits).

  2. Enjoyed to know she is improving and the pics were great. Luv Dad

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