I Kidnapped Kirsten! – Sunday, September 16, 2012

Walking at Bug Light Park

Today, with anxious trepidation, I took Kirsten on a “day pass” from the New England Rehabilitation Hospital to visit Bug Light Park. It was a gorgeous autumn Maine day with temperatures in the cool 60 ยบF range, mostly clear skies, and a slight breeze.

I signed Kirsten out of the hospital just after noon, and drove ever-so-carefully to South Portland. Soni and Skye took Kirsten’s Volkswagon. When we got to the park, I took out the wheelchair and walker and helped Kirsten get out, just like I was trained. The single step up the curb was a bit of a challenge, but after that it was a nice walk. We stopped about half way to the lighthouse so Kirsten could rest in the wheelchair.

We had a nice conversation while enjoying the sounds of the sea birds, watching various working and pleasure vessels in the harbor, and inhaling the cool salty air. I always love to be at the shore, but this was especially nice for Kirsten. She has barely seen the sun for several weeks, and getting out in public made her feel like normal was just a few figurative and literal steps ahead. She seemed to really enjoy each minute we were away.

After a couple hours, it was obvious Kirsten was getting tired. I didn’t want to overdo it and make the next few days of therapy more difficult than necessary, so we ended our little field trip and headed back to the hospital. Shortly after returning, the Otto Pizza delivery driver brought two fresh pies, sent with love from my TEDxDirigo friend, Justin. They were wicked delish!

Last night we celebrated Skye’s thirteenth birthday. We had brought Kirsten a piece of the “Better Than Sex” cake Soni had made (Skye’s request), and later sang “Happy Birthday” while on a FaceTime chat with Kirsten. It was nice to have the technology to enable Kirsten to share in the special family moment.

Facetime Happy Birthday

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  1. Wow! This is just the best post ever. Kirsten looks so good and healthy and happy! Which is probably why Brent looks the same way. Such a special day!

  2. Yippee!! She looks amazing! And, Happy Birthday to Skye!!!

  3. Very nice post, Brent. I’m glad you kidnapped me. ;-) It was so nice to be out of the hospital setting and to experience the outdoors again! I have never appreciated so much the sounds, smell, breeze, sun, and the view as I did today. It’s encouraging when I am able to do more things that make me feel normal and more independent.

    Thank you, Justin, for the pizza. It tasted delicious, and a welcome change from the meals here. :-)

    I’m happy that I was able to be involved in Skye’s birthday celebration. There are things I have missed out on since my admission, and this meant a lot. The cake was delicious. Thanks, Mom.

  4. LOVE!!!

  5. That woman needs a cooler walker. May I recommend:


    Love you guys.

    1. That is a sweet little walker. I REALLY hope we don’t need to have one of our own. I don’t think it’ll be long before Kirsten moves to a cane.

      1. That would be more better fo’ sho’. But if she needs the walker for more than a couple weeks she definately needs something with some sassy. ;-)

  6. Sara Sterling says: Reply

    Hooray for you being able to take Kirsten to the beach-such great therapy! :)

    1. I don’t think Kirsten could handle the beach. Walking in sand is very difficult. Then again, it could be just what she needs. :)

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