Kirsten Is Rehabilitating – Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lunch at On The Border

Today we took Kirsten to lunch at On The Border near the mall. She wanted to do something more normal and less adventurous that our previous excursions. She is very weak. Instead of using her walker, she used me for support, which was nice.

After lunch we did a little shopping at Victoria’s Secret (We had to return some sweatpants I bought her. “XS” is too big.). It was nice, yet a little weird, to go into the dressing room with her and help her try on clothes. We healthy people take so much for granted. It’s a good thing they have a soft little stool in there, or we would never have been able to do it.

Then we stopped by the Apple Store to check out the new iPhone 5. Damn, that thing is nice!

Before leaving I helped Kirsten in the bathroom. Fortunately, the mall has a “family” bathroom so I could go in with her and help. I’ve started appreciating the difficulties and frustrations of the disabled/handicapped.

Kirsten is not able to walk unassisted, and tires easily. She did put on and tie her own shoes, which I think is pretty impressive. We didn’t use the wheelchair or the walker all day. We were going to spend time walking/riding at Evergreen Cemetery, but Kirsten got tired and wanted to lay down, so I took her back to the hospital.

The Victoria’s Secret dressing room
The new iPhone 5

I got an email from Jenna’s violin teacher today. An adult student in Jenna’s Monday “Autumn Strings” group anonymously donated a month of string lesson payments, and her teacher donated another month. I was quite touched by their generosity, which was completely unexpected. Friends and strangers alike continue to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign to help our family. Thank you so very much! We love you all. :)

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