A Taste Of Maine For Soni

Soni drove to Portland today to hang out with the other tourists (a cruise ship was in port, and the weather was extraordinary, even by Maine’s high standards). So we went to lunch.

We had lobster rolls at Portland Lobster Company, which were delicious. We sat at a couple of barstools overlooking the water. The sky was littered with beautiful puffy clouds, and the sun gently warmed our faces and arms. As we ate I told her how much I loved our magnificent state. There wasn’t enough time for me to provide an exhaustive enumeration of the reasons, but I did my best.

Soni and Brent at the Portland Lobster Company

Soni has, for many years, lived in a boring city in the dreariest part of the country: Decatur, Illinois. I was showing off a little, I suppose. :)

Soni enjoyed her lobster roll
Lobster buzzer and chilly hard cider

The generous chunks of fresh succulent lobster meat were so delicious I almost didn’t want to wash them down with my crisp, refreshing hard cider.

Soni is a wonderful mother-in-law, and has been helpful and patient. I enjoyed the time we spent together today.

After work I raced to the hospital for an appointment with Courtney, Kirsten’s physical therapist. She showed me the proper and safe way to remove and replace Kirsten’s neck collar. It isn’t very difficult, but I was a bit nervous working around Kirsten’s unbraced neck. I’m excited to have her home, hopefully this week.

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