Kirsten Came Home! – Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After nearly six weeks in the hospital, Kirsten finally came home. She was originally supposed to come home last Saturday, but after a home visit with her therapists it was determined she was too weak to safely climb the stairs and operate in our apartment. The extra days made a huge difference, and today she is strong enough to manage quite well without excessive risk.

We had briefings and instructions from Kirsten’s therapists and her nurse Helen. We also had to sign paperwork for the purchase of the walker, commode, and shower stool. Helen gave us TEN (10) prescriptions to fill! Luckily, Kirsten has several of them already, and a couple are only as-needed. Ten copays is more than I was prepared to spend. Thankfully, we were able to get all the ones she needs.

Today also happens to be my birthday. The tens of birthday wishes I received on Facebook is very nice. Thank you, all. Having Kirsten home is certainly the best gift I could possibly hope for.

Last day at New England Rehabilitation Hospital
Courtney is a wonderful physical therapist and friend
Finally in her own bed

Kirsten and Soni baked me my favorite cake. Kirsten lit the candles and they all sang “Happy Birthday” while Jenna accompanied on her violin. She had downloaded the sheet music from the internet and learned the song just for my birthday.

Happy Birthday from Google
Kirsten lit my candles
It was an amazing birthday

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  1. Kris Lethin says: Reply

    I would just like to say AWESOME! So glad to hear about the returning strength and improving spirits. I hope you got her the sexy red walker. You can always Craigslist it when you’re done. :)

    Love you guys.

  2. Jason Pooler says: Reply

    The best news I’ve heard in a long time. I think the cake is missing a few candles. ;)

  3. Glad she is home and you are doing well. Luv Dad & Patsy

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