Kirsten Has Six More Weeks In The Collar

Kirsten’s tech neck

Today Kirsten and I visited with Dr. Florman, Kirsten’s neurosurgeon. He said that she has to stay in the collar for another six weeks, as originally planned. The cadaver bone spacer is hard, while her own bones are very soft. He’s worried about many things that can go wrong, so is being appropriately cautious.

Kirsten’s endocrinologist, Dr. Rockwell, has ordered a bone density scan to determine the degree of bone loss, so she can recommend a treatment.

Titanium and a dead guy

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  1. Maybe she needs a Borg designation like 2 of 5 of unimatrix zero 3. “Bring me a coffee, you must comply. Resistence is futile.”


  2. Great to see the miraculous recovery. Luv Dad

    1. Seriously? You see this as a miracle?

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