A One-Inch Tumor, Oh My!

Kirsten and I visited her oncologist, Dr. Evans this morning. He confirmed that the upper endoscopy and colonoscopy were negative for primary (or any) tumors. Dr. MagGillivray removed eight or nine lymph nodes and sent two to the lab. One of them contained a ONE INCH tumor! Yikes. Glad that sucker is out.

Now we wait for January 8, when we will travel to Dana-Farber in Boston to meet with an expert for a second (or tenth) opinion.

Kirsten is in constant, chronic pain that Dr. Evans suspects may never go away. The narcotics are rough, so Kirsten is seeking alternatives. Besides the pain, she is pretty good. Her weight is up to 96 pounds, which was her normal healthy weight. She doesn’t wear the neck collar anymore, and is driving. She’s not back to work yet, but that may happen eventually.

Sorry for the brevity, but there’s really not a lot to say. Considering what we’ve been through lately, I’d say that’s a nice change.

Take care. We appreciate all the many things our friends do for us, and your expressions of concern and support. I could never adequately thank you all for what you’ve done for me and our family.

If you need something more to read, be sure to keep checking over at Danler.org, where we’ll be posting lots of reports about Festibond 2012! :)

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  1. Wow. I’m glad that sucker is out too! Sorry to hear that Kirsten is in constant pain, though :( I hope she can find a good alternative to the narcotics that will target her pain while allowing her to be functional.

    I am, as ever, very much looking forward to the pictures and reports from Festibond 2012! I enjoy following this beautiful family tradition unique to the Danlers. :)

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