Kimberly Dennis – A Tragedy

Kimberly Dennis
Kimberly Dennis

One year ago today, my dear friend Kimberly Dennis intentionally overdosed on NyQuil, tragically cutting her life short. Our relationship was complicated. I miss her.

Kim was an incredible woman. Gorgeous, energetic, smart, philosophical, inquisitive, passionate. Her family ostracized her when she left the Mormon church, for which I was the primary influence. I think the difference between her expectations for her life and the reality of it disappointed her greatly. But I can’t psychoanalyze her now. I learned from the detectives the details of her death, but there was no note, and she did not share her thoughts with me.

I will forever cherish the time we spent together, and many fun, thought-provoking conversations. She changed my life, and I changed hers. I wish she could have imagined past her immediate situation, to brighter days and true loves. I will miss her always.

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  1. I was astonished when you told me about this. I hope the passage of time makes the pain less acute. Much love, man.

  2. I was just thinking about her today and missing her. I was one of her roommates. She sure has quite the spunk for life.

    1. I miss her frequently. Definitely full of life and love. Her death is an unfortunate and sad tragedy.

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